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The Premier Provider Network, Inc. (PPNI) is one of America's largest and most comprehensive and diversified Provider Access Organizations (PAO). As such, network Providers agree to charge preferred lower prices in exchange for new Patients and "secure payments". By providing affordable alternatives to the traditional high costs of health insurance, and by supporting a pay-at-time-of service policy for all our Providers, PPNI creates an environment where healthcare Providers increase their cash-pay patients and revenue, and families can afford their healthcare.

A National Provider Network

PPNI contracts Providers in all states with the exception of Illinois. It also contracts in Guam and Puerto Rico. PPNI currently has contractual agreements with over 400,000 Providers nationwide that serve our current Member association base. PPNI has developed online tools to help you and your office staff manage your relationship with us efficiently so you can focus on what matters most; providing care to patients. No need to contact us to obtain approval for hospitalizations, tests, or surgery. Our approach allows you to discuss the options with the patient and make informed decision(s).

Six Reasons Why You Should Join the PPNI Network

  • No Cost Involved
  • Immediate Payment
  • No Claim Forms
  • More New Patients
  • Less Processing Time
  • Increased Cash Flow

There are several reasons to join our network, but first and foremost, we are about providing world class service to you, as a quality Provider of healthcare. Our staff and support team strives to support both you and your practice.