Ready to Join the Network?

Simply download our New Provider Packet (PDF), print and complete the included forms, and mail or fax it back to us.

Download New Provider Packet

Benefits Our Providers Enjoy

  • No network participation fee. There is no cost involved. It's 100% free!
  • No claims to file just call our Claims Department and obtain the repriced amount by phone while the patient is in the office. Collect the discounted amount at the time of service.
  • No claim form is required for most services. Claim forms may be required for accidents and some office visit indemnity plans.
  • No billing or administrative hassles or costs.
  • Our fully trained staff appreciates your time and strives to provide world class Provider support services on each and every interaction.
  • Payment is made at time of service. Patients do not need a referral to see participating physicians but we encourage Members to contact us for the most up to date listings.
  • Increase in cash-paying patient volume.
  • Dedicated agents market your services to new Member associations.
  • We refer you new patients which helps increase cash flow and increase patient volume.